Thursday, 5 December 2019

Updated business card

Decided that my old business card needed a bit of an update so created a new one, the photo is credited to Michelle Middleton, taken on the 16th November 2019 at the double Lightning reheat photo shoot at Bruntingthorpe airfield.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Winter prep

Looking at the weather forecast for the next week or so, it is going to get quite cold, perhaps the start of winter. While the weather is still reasonable and dry at the moment, I took the opportunity to disconnect and stow the hose and reel from the back garden and turn of the water supply from the garage connection. Maybe a bit overkill, but a few winters back, this water connection froze solid and forced the pipework apart. Luckily I spotted it before the thaw came on and reconnected the pipe.

We have had new double glazing both door and window in the rear garage and it does not get so cold there now. also lagged all the cold water pipework just to keep things a bit warmer.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Lightning Twilight Photo shoot

Yesterday was spent at Bruntingthorpe airfield for the Twilight Photo shoot, a dry day and even got warm for a bit. Also as part of the day was a dedication to my late pal Peter.

I volunteered for starter crew duties and for that part everything went according to plan, a great display which Peter would have loved. It was also great to meet Peter's sister and husband who travelled all the way fro Denmark for this special day.

Forgot to mention I met a few friends and enjoyed a Lightning biscuit from Michelle Middleton who attended with her husband Dave. It did get quite cold by the time the jets were ready to perform at 4pm, but got significantly warmer when reheat was engaged.

There will be a further twilight photo shoot in April 2020, but I will give that a miss and try to make it for the May bank holiday Cold War Jets open day.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

My LPG debut year

Way back in 2009 I met my pal Peter O'Callaghan somewhere in town where I don't remember exactly where. He was an ex 5 Squadron pal of mine from RAF Binbrook days. But for Peter, I would not have known about or through him, been introduced to the Bruntingthorpe team. I have just found this reminder of my first Cold War Jets event.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Lightning Twilight Photoshoot

Saturday the 16th November is on the horizon. I am going to the event with two  pals and with mixed feelings. It will be with a heavy heart that the occasion in memory of my 5 Squadron pal, knowing that I will not be along with him a member of a starter crew for which we both teamed up and enjoyed the pleasure that our efforts brought to many people who are lucky enough to experience the sheer power and acceleration of the English Electric Lightning.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and make it a special occasion.

Thursday, 24 October 2019


On Monday 21st October I attended the funeral service of my very good friend Peter O'Callaghan at Alford Crematorium, the service was very well attended by both family and friends. A buffet was arranged at the Half Moon pub in Alford afterwards to which most folks attended. RIP my friend, you will be sorely missed.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

This event will be dedicated to my friend and member of the LPG, Peter O'Callaghan who recently passed away

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Sad News

Received an email from a 5 squadron pal with the sad news that my pal and good friend Peter O'Callaghan who has been in a care home since early this year, sadly passed away yesterday afternoon.

I have known Peter since my days on 5 Squadron Lightnings at RAF Binbrook and caught up with him back in 2009 when he introduced me to the 2 Lightning jets they operated at Bruntingthorpe Airfield, so of course I got involved myself.

Peter lived in Louth as do I, and I often visited him to see how he was coping with his wife who had a stroke and him being a 24/7 carer. He had to pack in his full time job and was basically stuck in the house apart from an early morning walk with his dog.

Last year he broke a hip during a fall at home, and had an op to repair it, he suffered complications and contracted sepsis. A recurrence of his hip injury saw him back in hospital where we found out that he also had terminal lung cancer.

Peter was transferred to a care home early this year, where he was reunited with his wife who had a room 2 doors from his. Along with 2 squadron buddies we visited Peter regularly even managing to take him out for the day to a Lincolnshire airfield to a cafe, and also for a quick half pint at a pub in Wragby.

Slowly Peter started a decline in health and it was sad to see what was happening to him, he became very stressed as time went on and it was hard to watch him struggle. My visits eventually stopped as I wanted to remember him as he was, a happy, kind friend.

The funeral will be held on Monday 21st of October at 11am at Alford Crematorium, Station Road, Alford LN13 9LH.

Rest in Peace my friend.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Lockheed P3D Flight Sim

Been a while since I have looked at the Flight Sim, so loaded up an English Electric Lightning and flew a sortie out of RAF Binbrook and did a circuit of the Humber Bridge. Here are a couple of screenshots of the flight.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Gas Boiler

Today we had our Gas boiler annual service done, also cleaned out the filter (surprised how much silt it had accumulated. A New TRV valve also fitted. Brilliant plumber and very efficient. 

Monday, 26 August 2019

Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets open day

Good day out although the heat was unbearably hot. Took a back seat and let the younger team members have a go at Starter crew, so spent the day meeting old buddies. For a couple of years I have been trying to meet Michelle Middleton at Brunters, with the promise of a famous biscuit, but for some unknown reason we have never managed to meet up. This time she tracked me down and of course managed to get a biscuit or two, so mission accomplished.

Starter crew for this event

Friday, 9 August 2019

Amy Wadge

After watching series two of " Keeping Faith" I was taken by the vocals of Amy Wadge, unique and what a talent, just had to google her details and listen to some of her many songs.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Louth Navigation Trust

Years ago I volunteered to re-write the Louth Navigation Trust website, it took a lot of hard work to revamp what had become a very outdated site. My briefing was that all the history pages should remain, but other than that basically a free license. I am still the webmaster.

2014 one of the Trust members decided to set up a Facebook page to keep up with the modern social media trend. The original FB page owner then left the page to a pal of mine who did a great job up until the end of 2018 when he fell seriously ill and with memory issues, has forgotten the page log on details. So my hopes of sorting out the page came to nothing.

I was asked by the LNT secretary if I could do anything to update matters, but alas I could not. Last week I decided to set up a brand new FB Group  where interested parties could post pictures and update current canal affairs. I am still waiting for a volunteer to take on an Admin role for the Group, as I have enough to do without taking on new tasks.

The hard work of setting up the Group has been done, just waiting on someone to take on the Admin role.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Red Arrows

Yesterday I was lucky to have been invited to attend the Red Arrows Association annual meeting at RAF Scampton by a member Bryan Nimmo and an ex Red technician Ray Kennedy.

Absolutely brilliant day out, met the pilots, got our photos taken with them, watched a spectacular display and then had a barbecue lunch paid for by my host Bryan.Managed to get quite a few pics whilst there and met quite a few people too. Met up with Stu Collinson and ex red techie, and a 5 squadron lightning leckie.

RAF Scampton 21/6/19 -- Red Arrows 2019 Team
left to right
Red 11 Andrew Keith - 10 Adam Collins - 4 Gregor Ogston - 2 Damo Green - 1 Martin Pert - 8 Chris Lyndon-Smith - 9 Dan Lowes - 3 Mike Bowden - 6 Toby Keeley - 5 Steve Morris - 7 Jon Bond

Monday, 27 May 2019

CWJ open day at Bruntingthorpe

After a pretty miserable showery day the weather cleared up and made it easier for ground crew at the CWJ Open day at Bruntingthorpe. A year has passed since last I made it down there and had not thought that I would have much involvement with the Lightnings. Was surprised to be asked if I wanted to be one of the starter crew for XS904 along with two of my 5 squadron pals from Binbrook days, just like the old days. Although the legs not so good these days, but managed to do what was required.

A normal start is easy, but with the added walk down the runway to chock the aircraft for static reheat tests was the test for tired legs. The Jet performed immaculately and as always the show stopper. Have not seen many photos of the event so far and have just one of us doing our thing (copyright of Shaun Westell) Steve LeCount on the left and myself removing a chock. Pilot for the day was John Ward.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Cold War Jets Open day

Off to the Cold war Jets Open day and Bruntingthorpe Airfield on Sunday 26th May. It has been a year since I was last down at the Lightning Appreciation Group to see the lads. Am going down with two ex Lightning pals.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

My Bike

Have just put my Bike up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Gets little use really and a shame to sit in the garage, if it sells it sells.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Local Tavern

Friday nights entertainment playing dominoes with family and friends. Nice friendly atmosphere and decent beer served. 8.30 start, finishing at approx 11.30pm.

Monday, 6 May 2019

May Bank Holiday

This has been the coldest bank holiday that I can remember. We have had lots of hot sunny days a month or so back, so very disappointing. Looking forward to being able to enjoy being outside hopefully soon.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Local Elections

Have been to register my vote in the local council elections

Monday, 29 April 2019


The start to my career was in photography, firstly as a darkroom technician in monochrome film development and printing, located in a basement of a large Victorian house in the west end of Dundee in the 1960's. Eventually moving in to the retail side of the business and moving on to one of the largest photographic businesses in Dundee where modern darkroom equipment was used. I saw the introduction of colour processing in its infancy and enjoyed the changes.

I left the photographic trade in 1971 when I enlisted in the Royal Air Force, completing a 22 year engagement as an aircraft electrical engineer. Thinking back to the early years and the equipment I used and bought, is certainly a far cry from the digital cameras in use today. I have had several digital SLR's in my time, and now am quite content with my Panasonic bridge camera, which these days does not get as much use as I would like.

My very first camera bought in the 70's was Halina 35x 35mm film camera and I wish I had kept it, for the price and quality of the lens, it was one of the best.

Found Photo

Yesterday, I was sorting out a box of documents and came across this my very first passport and original photo from the 70's, amazing what bits and pieces get stored away and forgotten. So much better design than the EU version. If and when we do leave the EU it would be good to see the British passport make a return.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Recent Useful purchase

Read somewhere about Diamond sharpening stones, so looked up a YouTube video and was impressed with the results. Bought a stone and holder £10 off eBay last week and they are as good as advertised, one of my better purchases.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Hospital Appointment

This afternoon I have a hospital appointment for my annual cystoscopy check at Lincoln Hospital. Up till last October I had been attending Louth County Hospital for the check, but due to an equipment failure which has lasted 6 months and 9 cancelled appointments, usually on the day before I was due to attend, so got in touch with Lincoln hospital and eventually got an appointment.

I know the NHS is under a lot of financial stress, but 6 or more months and no resolve to equipment failures, seems a tad long in my mind. I have written to my local MP to ask what is being done to resolve the issue, but will be surprised if I ever get a reply to my question.

So far no phone calls of appointment cancellation, so fingers crossed for a good outcome. 

25th April 2019 Had my check up and all clear, so very happy and next appointment in a years time.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

A new Blog

After deleting my last blog, I found that I missed adding relevant posts which were applicable to my everyday life.I also prefer this type of social media, as I have more control of what happens to my content and not subject to all the adverts and other distractions on Facebook and the like.